8.24. Acl-2.3.2

The Acl package contains utilities to administer Access Control Lists, which are used to define fine-grained discretionary access rights for files and directories.

Approximate build time: less than 0.1 SBU
Required disk space: 6.3 MB

8.24.1. Installation of Acl

Prepare Acl for compilation:

./configure --prefix=/usr         \
            --disable-static      \

Compile the package:


The Acl tests must be run on a filesystem that supports access controls, but not until the Coreutils package has been built, using the Acl libraries. If desired, return to this package and run make check after the Coreutils package has been built.

Install the package:

make install

8.24.2. Contents of Acl

Installed programs: chacl, getfacl, and setfacl
Installed library: libacl.so
Installed directories: /usr/include/acl and /usr/share/doc/acl-2.3.2

Short Descriptions


Changes the access control list of a file or directory


Gets file access control lists


Sets file access control lists


Contains the library functions for manipulating Access Control Lists